Everything You Need to Know About Gay Divorce in Nevada

Nevada, like many other states in the US recognizes lesbian and gay marriages which have been legally entered into in any state. In fact, lesbian or gay couples can also opt for legal dissolution or divorce in Nevada. In this article, learn more about gay divorce in Nevada.

What You Need to Know About Gay Divorce?

As far as the law structure in Nevada is concerned, it does not distinguish between couples on the basis of their sexuality when it comes to matters such as divorce or separation. In fact, the same procedures like a contested, mediated or uncontested divorce are applicable on the parties involved. However, it is only recently that the fed government has recognized marriages and divorces between same sex couples, after the Supreme Court passed a law in its recent judgement. Despite that, division of assets that involve the government component, like the pension plan or the 401(k)s could be challenging.

Procedure for Gay Divorce in Nevada

In order to file for a gay divorce in Nevada, a joint petition needs to be applied wherein both the parties must agree to the terms & conditions of the divorce, including that of child support, child custody, property division and visitation.

In case the parties involved do not agree with all the points, they can opt for a collaborative divorce or mediated divorce. This is helpful in avoiding the court battle and also allows the parties to save money. Also, when the couple does not have any child as well as there isn’t any disputed property ownership issues involved, then they can make specific fee payment as well as file the Notice of Termination or Dissolution of Domestic Partnership with the Secretary of State of Nevada.


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