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About Experienced Provider of Document Preparation Services

This company is owned by Vanessa Y. Cabrera, over the years, this company has been the one stop brand that has been helping their client’s in providing light to those who feel they are in a dark place. We offer alternative divorce services by preparing divorce’s, separation’s and annulment paperwork.

Vanessa Y. Cabrera bought this company in order to fulfill her motive of helping people. Because Vanessa has been there before and she has a lot of wide range experiences, she loves to learn and improves her growth as well as believes in always helping others. She had her first divorce at an early age. She was so young, completely out of money and did not know where to go. With her not knowing where to begin, she felt so lost during this time in her life. She does not want others to feel this same pain or go through this experience.

Nevada Divorce Center’s name implies, they have recorded many success stories and has helped many by fulfilling their purpose. By providing alternative divorce service’s we make sure our service is easy and affordable.

Nevada Divorce Center’s clients feel so relieved at the end of each appointment as a game plan is created and our clients feel secure with direction. We are passionate about assisting people with all their requests. Our company brand is all about giving people second chances, growth, gratitude, improvement, community guidance and any support our clients need during the their hard time.

We are here to prepare all and every document you need and we are committed to saving you thousands.

We are an alternative divorce service in NV and we are always abreast to learning and improving. Our ability to endure ourselves through all the situations that made the company where it is today. Our mantra was trial and error, which is a fundamental method of problem solving characterized by repeated, varied attempts which are continued and will continue until success. We still go through the journey of learning each day, we love learning, self improvement and growth. Learning never stops at Nevada Divorce Center, continuous learning has supported us and improved our knowledge and skills to support our company goals. One goal is to be able to sustain ourselves and earn a living by not making profit from this, we would probably see through the idea of a charity or non profit organization in the future. We love to help people and by helping people brings us happiness and makes us feel so fulfilled.

We believe in second a chance, growth, development, gratitude (To be thankful of everything, show appreciation and return kindness), improvement (To make ourselves and the company better), community guidance and rendering support to people at all times possible.

I am Vanessa Cabrera from Las Cruces, New Mexico and now reside in Las Vegas, Nevada. At the time I finished my Master program in Legal Studies, I was unable to get a job, as all my effort was fruitless. In fact, none was forthcoming. Nevada Divorce Center finally offered me a job. I had the amazing opportunity to build this company as an employee from the ground up until I decided to buy my job in 2016.

I had my first divorce at an early age. I was young, completely out of money and didn't know where to begin. Not everyone is lucky to afford $5000 to get a divorce through an attorney.

I like to think of myself as a providing light to those who feel they are in a dark place(s) because I have been there and experienced it before.

Following my own personal divorce, I was so driven and motivated to help others as I loved it. In my bid to do this, I kept educating myself, worked hard and finally bought my company.

**Bonus Note**My ex-husband came back 20 years later to help him with his divorce

In my private time, I work as a Certified Reiki teacher for Reiki energy healing. Reiki is a healing therapy provided for physical, mental and emotional stress. I teach Reiki I, II, III and Masters. I give free Reiki circles to the community, perform private Reiki sessions and provide Reiki to the cancer community centers for the past 5 years now.

I also am a certified NLP Practitioner (Neurolinguistic Programing) and am able to teach and certify my students.

Ultimately, I am here to live my everyday to my fullest potential and my purpose is to help everyone who allows me.

“I am beautiful, balanced, connected and brave, love and success are my birthright”.


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