Nevada Residency Requirements for a Divorce

Nevada state has special residency needs for individuals looking to terminate or end their marriage. It is important for you to meet these specific requirements before you file with a district court in Nevada. Below, take a look at the Nevada Residency requirements for a divorce.

How to Acquire a Nevada Residency Divorce?

  • A divorce can be acquired through a verified complaint, which is made with any county’s district court.
  • A minimum of one person in the Nevada divorce should have been a resident of Nevada for at least 6 weeks before filing of the divorce.
  • In case you are from the military, and you have been a resident of Nevada even before you shifted elsewhere, then you could file for a divorce in the state of Nevada. However, you will still require a resident as your witness who establish the fact that they are familiar with you and that you have been a resident of Nevada as well as you intend to return.
  • The court will require your proof of residency as an Affidavit of Resident Witness. The person who signs the sworn Affidavit in the presence of the notary should be another Nevada resident who is aware of the fact that you have been a resident of Nevada in the past (i.e. at least for a period of 6 weeks), before the date of filing of your divorce.

Thus, if you aren’t a resident of the state of Nevada, as well as your spouse isn’t a resident of Nevada currently, then you need to first establish your residency in the state of Nevada before applying for a divorce.

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