Child Support Calculation for low income in Nevada Revised in February 2020

The child support laws in the state of Nevada have changed since February 2020. In case you are wondering how these news laws will impact you, then check out the newly applicable laws below.

Child Support Calculations as per the New Laws

As per the Federal law every state is required to re-consider their laws pertaining to child support every four years. That’s exactly why the state changed its laws for child support. The regulations related to child support establish that the support order should be based in accordance with the earnings of the obligators, income as well as other evidence that relates to their ability to make payments. The revised regulations for calculating child support obligation presumes to fulfill the basic requirements of the child, however, the presumption can be rebutted through evidence.

Following is the schedule for child support:

For 1 child, it is the sum of:

(a) 16% of the 1st $6,000 of the monthly gross income of the obligator.

(b) 8% of the monthly gross income over $6,000 and equal to as well as less than $10,000; and

(c) 4% of the monthly gross income over $10,000.

Similarly, for 2 children, the sum of 22% of the 1st $6000 of the gross income of the obligator on a monthly basis.

While applying the fresh guidelines when the court discovers that the economic circumstances of the obligator limit his ability to make payments for child support as per the amount laid down in the guidelines, then the obligation should be set using the low-income schedule set by the Secretary of Health & Human services.

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