Why a Divorce Mediation is Convenient for You

Are you currently going through a divorce? Is it getting difficult for you and your spouse to agree on the major issues surrounding your divorce? Who gets custody of your children? How do you divide your properties and debts?

All these questions inevitably arise in every case. What you want to avoid is spending tens of thousands of dollars on a legal divorce battle in the courtroom. That is what the Nevada Divorce Center can help you with.

Things to Consider

Draining Your Finances

We are here to tell you that mediation will be one of the best choices you will ever make. A divorce is especially tough when you consider how much money you need to put out.

FACT: The average cost of a fought out divorce hovers around the $15,000 to $20,000 mark.

Simply put, the more a couple fights and disagrees, the more expensive it will become at the end of the day. Whatever your current financial status is, it is safe to say that most people do not just have that amount of money.

Adversarial Positions

Divorce can be a brutal process for even the strongest people. The last thing you want is for your private laundry being aired to the public.

FACT: When you go to court with both sides not coming to an agreement, you and your spouse are put in adversarial positions. Your respective attorneys will just attack the both of you.

After you each waste your hard-earned money on divorce attorneys, a judge who knows nothing about either of you will make the important decisions. Who will gain custody of your children? Who will get the home or the business? How will you split your properties and debts? Being responsible adults, you should make these important decisions for yourselves, not a judge.

It is no wonder why so many ex-husbands and ex-wives hate each other after duking it out in court. This will gravely affect your relationship with your spouse after the divorce. Unfortunately, this means it will also affect your children.

Common Issues

The usual matters that a couple going through a divorce cannot agree on include:

  • Custody of the Kids
  • Visitation Dates
  • Child Support Amounts
  • Division of Property, Bank Accounts, and Retirement Plans
  • Spousal Support (Alimony)

Many times, however, there may be no tangible issues like the ones listed above. Sometimes, one party may simply refuse to sign the divorce papers because he/she wants to salvage the marriage.

How We Can Help You

Divorce mediation in Las Vegas helps both you and your spouse by removing the adversarial approach that most courtrooms welcome. We bring the two of you into an informal and neutral setting where you can voice out your concerns and issues to a neutral third party. This will help you through negotiations until you come to an agreement that both of you can accept.

When both sides see and understand how expensive a long, fought out court battle can be, they would welcome the mediation process. They would rather choose to get a solution to their problem in this way rather than destroying each other emotionally, mentally, and financially in court.

A divorce mediation’s purpose is not to try and restore or save your marriage. Instead, it is to make sure that the couple going through a divorce feels like they have achieved a win-win solution.

Why Choose Us

At Nevada Divorce Center, we believe that most divorces can and should be handled amicably—without the tension, drama, and hardship.

This does not mean that we will make the decision for you on how you will raise your children or divide your property and finances. We will simply help both parties come to an agreement.

Our team is composed of trained mediators, as well as licensed therapists and counselors who can help you. Both parties are free to bring your own attorneys for the mediation.

Saving You Money

Weekly divorce mediation meetings are only 60 minutes long. If a couple can come to an agreement within two to five sessions, they will be able to save their time and money. That is because each session at the Nevada Divorce Center is only $100 (as of 7/4/2013).

Other Services

After you have settled all of your major divorce issues, we can then also prepare the documents, file them, and finalize your divorce for an affordable price.

Contact Us

Give us a call right now at (702) 800-4632 to discuss your options and set up your first divorce mediation. Our lines are available 24/7.


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