What are the Las Vegas Divorce Requirements?

Need to know what the divorce requirements are in Las Vegas? Give us a call today at 702-800-4632.

Need to know what the divorce requirements are in Las Vegas? Give us a call today at 702-800-4632.

If you’re living in Las Vegas, NV and are contemplating getting a divorce, you’re probably wondering… what are the requirements to get a divorce in Las Vegas?

And that’s a good question to ask yourself.

Because everyday our Las Vegas paralegal divorce office gets calls everyday from people who are seeking to get a divorce (because they were originally married in Las Vegas)… but they live abroad in other states.

And there’s still others who live in states that neighbor Nevada (think California, Arizona, Utah, etc.)…

…who want to come to Las Vegas to do their divorce and they want to know if they meet the state requirements to get divorced in Las Vegas.

So here’s the quick scoop and 4-1-1 on getting a divorce in Las Vegas.

The people who can typically qualify to get a Nevada divorce because they meet the Las Vegas divorce requirements include:

  • Those who have lived in Las Vegas for at least SIX (6) weeks and intend to continue making Nevada their state of residence for the foreseeable future.There are some Las Vegas divorce companies that state their clients can reside in a cheap hotel in Las Vegas in order to fulfill the divorce residency requirements, but in my non-attorney opinion… that is a VERY gray area and asking for trouble.
  • Those who live outside of Nevada, but the action that caused the divorce took place in the state of Nevada.
  • The typical grounds for a Las Vegas divorce include: Incompatibility (you and your spouse couldn’t get along) and also living separate and apart for at least one year.

If you live outside of Nevada and Las Vegas and are seeking a divorce, then you will typically not meet the requirements to get a divorce in Las Vegas.

We can, however, prepare a divorce for you in the state that you are a resident of… for $199. You would then need to get your spouse to sign the divorce papers and file it in the county that you are a resident of.

Also, if you did get married in Las Vegas recently (within one year) and live outside of Nevada… we can also discuss the possibility of doing a Las Vegas annulment for you as well.

If you are needing to start a divorce or an annulment… or even if you just have some general questions about the Las Vegas divorce requirements… or are needing some assistance in getting your marriage…

…then please visit our Las Vegas divorce site by clicking here to view some of our divorce packages that we offer our clients. In most cases when you get a divorce in Las Vegas or Nevada, you do NOT need to appear in court before a judge.

You may also feel free to give us a call right now at 702-800-4632. Our operators man our phones 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

DISCLAIMER: Nevada Divorce Center, it’s employees and this author are NOT attorneys and cannot give you legal advice or represent you in law. The information in this article shall not be construed as legal advice.

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