Nevada Legal Separation (Separate Maintenance)

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Many times in life… due to unforeseen or unexpected events happening in a person’s marriage… two parties who live in Nevada decide that at the current moment they can no longer live together in the same house.

Sometimes decision happens because of adultery… financial issues or burdens… life changes… empty nest syndrome… or a husband and wife just simply growing and drifting apart from one another.
Many times… a Nevada separate maintenance (also known as legal separation) is the answer to what a couple needs… when they are seeking to do a “trial separation”.

A Nevada trial separation allows a couple to legally remain married… but it allows you and your spouse to spend time apart from each other (to see whether you want to divorce or reconcile your marriage).

One of the beautiful things that a Nevada separate maintenance does is it divides up property and debt… and creates a parenting plan, support and visitation for the children.

It typically ONLY takes us about 1 to 2 business days (or less)… to prepare your Nevada separate maintenance paperwork.

We have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee that the court WILL accept your Nevada separate maintenance forms that we prepare for you for filing… or else we will refund you your money back.

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So what are the prices of a Nevada Separation?

That’s a good question? We charge the following prices for a Nevada separation:

  • Separation with NO children  – Only $199
  • Separation with minor children  – Only $249

* Court filing fees are additional.

So what are you waiting on? If you wish to get a separation in the state of Nevada… then you’ve come to the right place. NEVADA DIVORCE CENTER can get the proper legal separation paperwork completed for you… without you having to worry or stress about the situation!


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