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They say what happens in Vegas… stays in Vegas.

Unfortunately for many people who come to Las Vegas… “fun times” coupled with too much to drink can lead to HUGE mistakes… especially if you find yourself unexpectantly married to wrong person.

An annulment for lack of a better word, “voids” your marriage… so that you are no longer viewed as having been married.

Everyday… the team at NEVADA DIVORCE CENTER helps individuals such as yourself get an EASY annulment in the state of Nevada.

FACT: To get an annulment in Nevada, either one of these qualifications must be met:

(a) One of the spouses must have lived in the state of Nevada for at least 6 weeks… or
(b) If both parties are out-of-staters, your marriage must have taken place in Nevada.

There are a variety of valid and legal reasons for an individual to seek an annulment in the state of Nevada. Please remember that we are a legal document preparation service… so while we can prepare & file your annulment papers… we cannot give you any legal advice whatsoever.


Below are the Annulment reasons allowed by Nevada statutes:

1. Unsound Mind – Intoxication/Substance Abuse, Medication/Sedation At Wedding Ceremony
2. Unsound Mind – Insanity At Time of Marriage
3. Consanguinity – Related by Blood
4. Lack of Consent of Parent Under 18, file within 1 year of marriage
5. Bigamy – Another Spouse Still Living


Explain why the conduct affected the “essential ingredients” of the marriage. You will most likely have to appear in court before the judge if you choose this reason.


6. Spouse Only Married for Green Card
7. Spouse is Illegal Alien Subject to Deportation
8. Breach of Prenuptial Promise to Become U.S. Citizen – Must Explain Motive


9. Did Not Reside Together after Marriage
10. Adultery Before & After Marriage
11. Spouse’s Prior Divorce Was Based on Adultery
12. Refusal to engage in Sexual Relations or Consummate Marriage
13. Abnormal Sexual Relationship With Spouse or Another Person
14. Spouse Previously or Currently Works as Prostitute
15. Refusal to Conceive Children – Required Use of Condoms
16. Impotence – Unable to Engage in Sexual Relations Due to Mental or Physical Incapacity
17. Sterility or Infertility
18. Concealed Pregnancy By Another Man
19. Claimed Pregnant But Not Pregnant
20. Homosexual


21. Spouse of Poor Moral Character or Disreputable Occupation
22. Physically Abused Spouse
23. Concealed Child(ren) Born of Prior Relationship
24. Criminal History Depends on crime, if sentenced after marriage, fines imposed
25. Duress, Threats, Intimidation


26. Undisclosed Health or Disease – Prove doctor bills, statement
27. Mental Illness or Institutionalized – Prove doctor bills, hospital bills/statement
28. Alcohol or Drug Addiction
29. Gambling Addiction – Amount of Loss


30. Secure Access to Spouse’s Wealth While Engaging in Sexual Relations with Another
31. Married solely to gain access to wealth


32. Breach of Prenuptial Agreement to perform Religious Ceremony
33. Misrepresentations of Present Religious Conviction
34. Misrepresentation of Intention to Embrace Spouse’s Religion
35. Religion – Roman Catholic, spouse divorced


To start your Nevada annulment… you will simply choose one of the valid annulment reasons listed above… that fits your case… and we will prepare your annulment paperwork & file it for you if you need us to.

It typically ONLY takes us about 1 to 2 business days (or less)… to prepare your Nevada annulment paperwork.

We have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee that the court WILL accept your Nevada annulment forms that we prepare for you for filing… or else we will refund you your money back.

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So what are the prices of a Nevada annulment?

That’s a good question? We charge the following prices for a Nevada annulment:

  • Annulment with NO children  – Only $299
  • Annulment with minor children  – Only $349

* Court filing fees are additional.

So what are you waiting on? If you wish to get your marriage in Nevada annuled… you’ve come to the right place. NEVADA DIVORCE CENTER can get the proper annulment paperwork completed for you… without you having to worry or stress about the situation!


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