NO CONTEST DIVORCE – What is a No Contest Divorce in Las Vegas?

Chances are that if you stumbled across this article… you were probably looking for more information on how to file a no contest divorce in Las Vegas or Nevada.

If you’re looking to start a no contest divorce (where both you and your spouse agree to the divorce)… then please click here or call us at 702-800-4632 for more information on how to complete your no contest divorce in one month or less.

A no contest divorce (or an uncontested divorce) in the state of Nevada is called a “Joint Petition for Summary Decree of Divorce“.

(Yes, I know it’s a loooooooong name, lol).

Las Vegas, NV Joint Petition divorces (or no contest divorces) are some of the easiest divorces in Nevada to complete, whether you and your spouse have minor children, property or debts that need to be factored in or not.

All that is needed in order to complete your Las Vegas no contest divorce is the following:

  • You and your spouse must meet the proper grounds to qualify for a Las Vegas divorce. This typically includes “incompatibility” (you and your spouse can’t get along in your marriage) and/or you two have been living separate and apart for one year.
  • Either you or your spouse must have lived in the state of Nevada for at least SIX (6) weeks.
  • To prove your residency, you just need to have another Nevada resident sign a 1 to 2 page affidavit (called the resident witness affidavit)… that states that they have seen you living in Las Vegas or anywhere in Nevada and that they see you at least three (3) times a week.

In our opinion, Nevada is one of the most lenient states in the country in which a person who is seeking a divorce can get a divorce.

There’s not a lot of red tape or B.S. that one has to deal with when they are getting a no contest divorce in Las Vegas or any other city in Nevada.

The only other thing that we’d like to add is that if you have minor children, you will need to make sure that the following things are taken care of:

  • Child Visitation: You and your spouse can do any type of visitation schedule you want between the two of you, but on the divorce papers, you MUST put specific times and days that your spouse will see the children.
  • Child Support: Many people call our office every week wanting to get a no contest divorce with no child support. This 9 times out of 10, will NOT pass through the court and will most likely get kicked back to you.Child support in the state of Nevada is factored at a percentage of your spouse’s gross monthly income (GMI)… if it’s for primary physical custody (one child-18%)(two kids-25%)(three kids-29%)(each additional kid-add 2%)…

    …or at minimum you can do $100/month per child. The good thing is that it’s not required that the child support comes out of any of your paychecks, so whatever you and your spouse do outside of the court, that’s between you.

If you’re ready to start your no contest divorce in Las Vegas or anywhere in the state of Nevada, visit our site by clicking here OR give us a call at 702-800-4632, 24 hours a day/7 days a week… to start your no contest divorce.


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