Nevada Divorce Residency Requirements

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The divorce residency requirements in Nevada are very, very liberal compared to most of the other states in America.

Most states have divorce requirements that state that one of the parties need to have resided in the state for at least six (6) MONTHS…. before they are considered a resident of that state… and can file a divorce.

In the state of Nevada… the divorce residency requirements are only six (6) WEEKS.

You heard us right… the Nevada divorce residency requirements for a person seeking to get a divorce in Nevada is ONLY six weeks.

To prove your residency in the state of Nevada… you will have need to have lived here for at least six weeks… and also have a Nevada resident sign a 2-page affidavit (Resident Witness Affidavit) stating that they have seen you living in Nevada for at least 6 weeks.

You don’t need to show a Nevada driver’s license, utility bill, paycheck or anything else to prove that you’re a resident of Nevada.

You just need a Nevada resident to sign the 2-page affidavit stating and swearing that they have seen you residing within the state for at least six week.

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In our opinion, Nevada is a great state to move to… get married in… and also to raise a family in.

But because this state is a state that has a high transition of residents moving in and out of the state (especially the Las Vegas area)… this can lead to a lot of stress and drama that can harm a marriage of the husband and wife aren’t strong enough to work out their marriage through times of transition.

We urge everybody who is seeking to get a Nevada divorce to reconsider getting a divorce… and if you can work it out through counseling or mediation or through your local church, to do so.

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