Las Vegas Divorce Records

las vegas sign 2If you’re looking to do some research on Las Vegas divorce records… either to see if your current divorce you have in progress has actually been finalized and the divorce decree has been signed by the judge…

…or if you’re wanting to get copies of your Las Vegas divorce decree, there’s TWO (2) ways that you can use to go about researching the records.

  1. Online divorce records method. With this method, you can look up your las vegas divorce records by going to the Clark county website. You can click here and go to the “FAMILY RECORDS” portion to view the divorce records.Only caveat is that you will not be able to see the exact divorce documents that were filed… you will only be able to find out what the (a) case number of your divorce case is… (b) the names of the documents that were filed in your case… (c) the dates those divorce documents were filed.. (d) what date the divorce decree was signed by the judge… (e) how much each party paid for their divorce fees.

    You can search by the name of the party… the name of the attorney… or by the case number. If the case says it’s still “OPEN”, then that means the judge has not signed your divorce decree yet.

    If your Las Vegas divorce case says “CLOSED” and it has the date next to “Divorce Decree”, then that means that the judge has signed your divorce decree.

    If your divorce case says “DISMISSED”, then yes, for whatever reason it means it’s been dismissed.

    Again, to access the Las Vegas divorce records site… go ahead and click here. and go to the “FAMILY RECORDS” section.

  2. Offline divorce records method. With this method, you will have to make a phone call and possibly a trip down to the courthouse… in order to retrieve your Las Vegas divorce records.The biggest reasons people choose this method in getting their divorce records and papers… is because they actually need a certified copy or a printed copy of their Las Vegas divorce records.

    Unfortunately, you can’t go online to access your divorce documents and print them out from your computer. I know, this would make the Las Vegas divorce process a lot easier, but hey, it is what it is.

    Below is the contact information for the courts:

    Family Court
    601 North Pecos
    Las Vegas, NV 89101-2408
    (702) 455-2590

    Las Vegas Justice Court Clerk
    Regional Justice Center
    200 S. Lewis Ave
    Las Vegas, NV 89101

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DISCLAIMER: None of the information on this blog post or article shall be construed as legal advice. We are not Las Vegas divorce attorneys or lawyers and cannot give you any legal advice whatsoever.

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