LAS VEGAS DIVORCE – How to Divorce Proof Your Marriage with the 3 F’s

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Having trouble with your marriage? Employ the 3 F’s to strengthen your marriage:

(F)orgive – Learn to forgive your spouse when they do things you dislike. Remember that no one is free from making mistakes, including you.

If your spouse does you wrong, instead of dwelling on how angry you are at them… dwell on all of the GOOD things they have done for you during your marriage.

(F)riendship – You can LOVE someone, but not like them. Your spouse can & should be your BEST friend in this life. No if’s, and’s or but’s about it.

When you’ve been married to your spouse for a long time, you can get into the “motions” of having a marriage.

Learn to ENJOY your spouse’s time by doing things that both of you like to do.

(F)un – Have fun, have fun, have fun! Nobody likes to be a bore… but in so many marriages, it’s just an “another typical day at the office”.

Learn to recapture the times of your youth by going out on date nights at least twice a month, having alone times, spicing up things in your bedroom and doing activities that both two of you love to do and that make you laugh.

Above all else, learn to have fun and don’t take everything so seriously!

-Daniel Wiafe
President and Director of Marketing of Nevada Divorce Center

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