How Much Does it Cost to Get Divorced in Las Vegas?


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When people are first thinking of getting a divorce in Las Vegas… one of the FIRST questions that ALWAYS pops into their head is, “How much does it cost to get divorced in Las Vegas?”

That’s a fair question, because for many married people… this will be their first time getting a divorce… and if this is, it can be a very fearful time… because you don’t know what to expect… you don’t know how expensive it’ll be… and you want to make sure you get the divorce done in the right way.

This article will walk you the process and help you answer the question of how much you can probably expect to spend on your Las Vegas divorce.

DISCLAIMER: At Nevada Divorce Center, we are a paralegal team that can prepare, file and complete your Las Vegas divorce at an affordable rate for you. We cannot give you legal advice, however or represent you in court. If you need to start a divorce, please call us now at 702-800-4632.

1. The Cheapest Las Vegas Divorce Method. First and foremost, you can ALWAYS do your Las Vegas divorce yourself if you are looking to save the MOST money. This may or may not be a good solution for you.

If you are able to do the research on your divorce case and understand the sometimes complicated Las Vegas divorce law… and have a divorce where there is no children, property or debts involved… and your spouse is willing to sign the divorce paperwork…

…then filing your divorce yourself may be a good option for you. People who fall into that category typically file what’s called a joint petition for summary decree of divorce.

The divorce filing fees in Las Vegas (Clark County) as of June 2, 2013 are $289. You will probably have to spend another $25 on notary fees. You can download the Clark County divorce forms and print them out and fill them out for fee at the courthouse website.

Steps involved after filling out your divorce forms AND having them notarized/signed… are to take them to the courthouse… get them filed… pay your filing fee… e-file the rest of the documents so that the court has electronic record of them… and then drop off the required copies of the divorce paperwork in the proper judge’s box upstairs on the 3rd floor.

All in all, you’ll probably spend about $314 on your divorce using this method. Click here to download the free divorce papers.

2. The Paralegal Divorce Method. If you are in a place where you either don’t have the hours and hours that are needed to research the law and take to wait at the courthouse downtown while filing your divorce…

…or if you have minor children involved and you want to make sure your divorce isn’t kicked back to you because you didn’t factor your child support correctly OR you didn’t write down your visitation schedule according to the court standards…

… if this is you, you may want to consider using a paralegal to prepare your Las Vegas divorce. Nevada Divorce Center is a paralegal team that can prepare your divorce for you starting at ONLY $199 (as of 6/2/2013) and instruct you on how to file it at the courthouse.

We can also do what’s called a full service divorce for you… if both you and your spouse are willing to sign the Las Vegas divorce paperwork.

As of June 2, 2013 we can do a full service Las Vegas divorce where we prepare and type your divorce papers for you… you and your spouse come into our office to sign them… we notarize your divorce papers for FREE…

…and then we will file them at the courthouse for you… pay your $289 filing fee… and we can finalize your divorce… all for the LOW price of $799. (You only need $199 as a down payment to get your started/make payments on the rest).

Click here to get started with your affordable divorce.

We can also prepare divorces where your spouse refuses to sign OR your spouse is missing for a higher fee.

Click here to get started with your affordable divorce.

3. The Las Vegas Divorce Lawyer Method. If you have a complicated divorce, that involves a lot of property, debts, it’s complicated, or you know for sure that your spouse will respond back to you if you serve them divorce papers…

…then it’s typically almost always in your BEST bet to retain the services of a competent Las Vegas divorce lawyer to help you with your case and represent you in court.

Las Vegas divorce lawyers are trained to get the job done for you. They will typically charge you anywhere from $1,000 (for a simple joint petition divorce/both parties agree)… all the way up to $15,000 to $20,000+ range (for a full-fledged dog fight in court that involves children, custody issues, massive property disputes, etc.)

Typically however, you can get away with spending about $2,000 to $5,000 on the average Las Vegas divorce.

We hope this answered your question on how much a Las Vegas divorce costs. If you are seeking to get a divorce, then click here to start your divorce… OR give us a call at 702-800-4632 to get more information on how you can start your Las Vegas divorce.


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