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woman1When two people are able to agree on their divorce and also agree on dividing up their property, debts and how they will raise their children (if they have any)

…it is typically an EASY process getting a divorce in Nevada.

NOTE: The following steps are for couples who are filing a JOINT PETITION divorce (both parties agree to sign the papers).

If your spouse won’t sign or is missing… contact us by clicking here for a quick explanation.


Fill out the online divorce questionnaire on our website. This will give us all of the pertinent information we need… to prepare your Nevada divorce. It only takes about 10 minutes.

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After filling out the questionnaire, we will receive a copy of it and you will receive a copy of it to the e-mail address that you provided us with.

You will then be sent to our secure, online payment page. You may make payment for AT LEAST $199 as your down payment via PayPal, credit card or debit card.

The total cost on the joint petition divorces are only $199 for our PAPERWORK ONLY option (we prepare the paperwork and you file using the instructions we provide)

…or only $799 for our FULL SERVICE option (we prepare your paperwork, file it at the courthouse and pay your $289 filing fee at the courthouse and do all the work for you).

If your spouse does NOT agree to sign the divorce paperwork… or if your spouse is missing, we can still do your divorce for an additional fee. Contact us for more details if this is the case.

If you feel more comfortable making the payment in person at our office OR over the phone… you may call us now at 702-800-4632 to set up an appointment to come in.


Once we have received your payment for at least $199, it will take us 3-4 business days to prepare all of your paperwork for you.

When done, we will e-mail you a copy of your divorce paperwork to review. If there are any corrections needed, let us know and we will make them.

If everything is good with your Nevada divorce paperwork…


FULL SERVICE: If you ordered the full-service divorce package… call or text us letting us know that everything is good to go.

We will take care of the whole process so in 99% of the cases… the only work you need to do is sign the papers.

You may then either come to our office to get the paperwork signed & notarized or may get it signed & notarized elsewhere… and drop off the paperwork to us.

Once your balance is paid off in full… we will then pay the $289 cost to file your divorce at the courthouse (Las Vegas only).

PAPERWORK ONLY: If you ordered the paperwork only package… you will then take the paperwork we provided you… get it signed & notarized… and following to instructions we sent to you… get it filed at your local courthouse.


Once all of the paperwork is properly filed at the courthouse… depending on how busy the court is… it will typically take the judge 2-3 weeks to sign your divorce decree.

Once your divorce decree is signed and it is filed by the court clerk… you and your spouse are officially divorced.

Still have questions on the divorce process? Feel free to give us a call now at 702-800-4632.

Are you ready to start your divorce?

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