Free Divorce Las Vegas

CoupleSeparatedAs our way of helping low-income residents of Las Vegas who are looking for help… we have now opened up our program to prepare your divorce in Las Vegas for free if you qualify.

If you are living in Las Vegas and are looking to get a free divorce in Las Vegas… or a reduced price on getting a divorce in Las Vegas… the paralegals at Nevada Divorce Center can help you as long as you qualify.

Every month, we pick 3 people to prepare a free Las Vegas divorce for them… and another 5 to 7 to do a reduced price divorce.

Please keep in mind that you will still need to pay for the court filing fees… as well as any other fees if you need to publish your divorce in the newspaper… or need to have a process server or sheriff serve your spouse the divorce papers.

(NOTE: The good thing is that if you are very low-income or no-income, we can prepare a request for the court filing fees to be waived.)

Here is the criteria that we are looking for if you’re seeking a free divorce in Las Vegas:

  • Must be able to show us proof of your unemployment, severe low-income, disabled, on social security or another form of government assistance.
  • Your spouse MUST be willing to sign the divorce papers. (If they’re not willing to sign the divorce papers OR you’re unable to find them, we can still assist you for a reduction in our normal divorce prices.)
  • You must E-MAIL us (no calls please) and tell us WHY you are a good candidate for us to do a free divorce for. You may em-mail us now by clicking here

If you don’t qualify for a free divorce… don’t worry, we MAY still qualify you to get a Las Vegas divorce for a reduced price.

To learn more about our free divorce program, please contact us via email by clicking here.

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