Decree of Divorce – How to Get a Divorce Decree in Las Vegas

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If you are going through a divorce in Las Vegas… then you will most definitely need to have a decree of divorce prepared for you eventually in order to finalize your divorce.

Basically, a decree of divorce is the final declaration by the court that your marriage has ended in a divorce.

A decree of divorce will summarize all the information that was on your joint petition for divorce… your complaint for divorce or your counterclaim for divorce (whichever document you filed).

The decree will also be a summary of how you and your spouse will divide up your property, debts, parenting plan, spousal support, etc. and it will be signed and dated by the judge.

Once this decree has been signed by the judge and has been entered in by the clerk of the court… congratulations, you are officially divorced!

If you are filing a joint petition for divorce in Nevada… then both you and your spouse will need to sign the decree.

If you are filing a complaint for divorce in Nevada… or if you filed a counterclaim (because your spouse served you)… then only you will need to sign the divorce decree.

Once the decree of divorce has been signed… you are free to remarry.

You will need to make sure that you have a 3rd party (such as a friend, co-worker or family member)… give your spouse a copy of the divorce decree.

It’s that SIMPLE!

If you are needing to have a divorce decree in Las Vegas or anywhere else in the state of Nevada prepared for you… Nevada Divorce Center can help you.

Call us today at 702-800-4632 to get your decree started!

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