COPE Class Las Vegas, NV

child_2The COPE class is a mandatory 3 1/2 hour class that all parents who are getting a divorce in Clark County (the Las Vegas area)… must take… if their child(ren) are residents of Nevada.

If you don’t take the class… the judge will typically not sign your divorce decree so that you can end your marriage.

You can take the COPE class online or at a number of different physical locations across Las Vegas. At the end of the COPE class… the teacher will provide you with a certificate of completion of the class.

In a nutshell… the COPE class is a very good class for you and your spouse to take — as it will help teach both you and your spouse how to parent your children… without any tension or anamosity that can typically come between two parents who are divorcing.

Because the fact of the matter is this: Your kids are what matters most at the end of the day… so regardless of who is at fault for the divorce… and no matter how much you and your spouse may or may not dislike each other… you still need to strive to have a cordial relationship with each other.

Online COPE Parenting Classes:

You can take the COPE class online. We have provided links to the sites below. The prices for the online classes range from $39.95 for each person taking it.

Offline COPE Parenting Classes:

Please note that both you and your spouse must take the class. If your spouse lives in another state… they can easily take the online class.

Can I Avoid or Skip Taking the COPE Parenting Class?

Yes you can… but it may not be best for you in the long run.

Clark county (Las Vegas) is the only county in Nevada that requires the COPE class to be taken. In the state of Nevada, you can file your divorce in any county that you want.

So what many residents of Las Vegas do who have children… and they wish to avoid taking the COPE classes… is to file their divorce in the next county over (Nye County, in the city of Pahrump, which is approx. 50-60 miles west of Las Vegas).

By filing your divorce in Nye county… you won’t be required to take the COPE classes… but one negative thing that many divorce preparation companies won’t tell you… is that approximately 50% of all divorces that involve children end up back in court.

This is due to changes that can arise in visitation schedules, custody arrangements, child support being increased/decreased, a parent not paying their child support, etc.

If you file in Nye county and you need to go back to court to adjust something in regards… guess what court you have to go to?

You guessed it right. You’ll be making the long trip out to Nye county unless you change the venue.

So at the end of the day, you have to weigh the pro’s and con’s of filing in Clark county (Las Vegas) vs. Nye county (Pahrump).

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