Uncontested Nevada Divorce

Who Can Get an Uncontested Nevada Divorce?

Each year… hundreds of thousands of couples around the country make the hard and difficult choice to move on from each other and end their marriage.

For most… the choice to call it quits and get a divorce can be BOTH heart and gut-wrenching, especially if there are children involved in the matter and the relationship.

But if you and your spouse can both come to simple agreements and cooperate in your divorce… you can get what is called an uncontested Nevada divorce.

In Nevada… the specific term for this type of uncontested Nevada divorce is called a joint petition divorce. This means that both you and your spouse agree on all the major issues that surround a divorce… such as property, debts, asset division and a parenting plan (if you and your spouse have any children together).

In a joint petition divorce (uncontested Nevada divorce)… both of you will sign on the dotted line… and get it filed at your county courthouse in whatever the county you live in within Nevada.


What Can an Uncontested Nevada Divorce do for Me?

An uncontested Nevada divorce is definitely the way you and your spouse should aim to go… if you are getting a divorce.

It will save you money…

It will save you time…

It will save you frustration…

It will save you a TON of grief…

At NEVADA DIVORCE CENTER… we prepare uncontested Nevada divorces starting at only $199.

If you need to get a uncontested Nevada divorce… make sure you contact us today at (702) 800-4632 to discuss some of the options which are available to you.

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