Joint Petition for Divorce in Nevada

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Getting a Joint Petition for Divorce in Nevada has never been easier. Call us at 702-706-7015 to start!

If you’re looking for more information on how to file a joint petition for divorce in Nevada… or how to specifically do a joint petition for divorce in Las Vegas…

…then look no further because you are in the right place!

A Joint Petition for Divorce in the state of Nevada can be one of the SIMPLEST and most AFFORDABLE ways for a couple who is seeking a divorce in Nevada… to get it completed.

If you’re looking for an EASY and AFFORDABLE way to get your Nevada Joint Petition for Divorce done… then call Daniel at (702) 800-4632 or click here to see how Nevada Divorce Center can help you.

In a Nevada Joint Petition for Divorce… both parties have agreed to all of the issues that surround typical divorces.

Typically, the parties have agreed to the following:

* How to divide up any property and/or assets that the parties may jointly own.
* How to divide up any community debts that the parties may owe.
* How to raise their children (if any). Both parties agree on child support, custody and visitation.

At the end of the day… if you and your spouse are considering getting a divorce in the state of Nevada… it is typically going to be your BEST solution to be adults and AGREE on all of the major issues that may surround your divorce.

Because at the end of the day… even if you and your spouse don’t agree on the major issues… the court will eventually force you to come to an agreement.

If you and your spouse still can’t agree on the issues… then the judge will make the decisions for you… and it may be a decision that neither you or your spouse agree with.

And during this time frame of having your divorce case heard in a Nevada courtroom… months are passing by… and tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees are being wasted on expensive mediators and negotiators (ie. attorneys)… who will help you and your spouse come to a mutual decision… but at what cost.

So at the end of the day… since you and your spouse are going to have to make a decision anyways and compromise anyways… don’t you think it’s in both of your BEST interests to go ahead and be civil about the matter… and agree to how you will split..?

Most couples who wind up agreeing to everything and going about their Nevada divorce the “Joint Petition” way are happier couples… they don’t have the hatred towards each other as do couples who fight & duke it out in court… and they are able to have friendly relationships with each other, even AFTER the divorce has ended.

Now doesn’t getting a Joint Petition for Divorce sound like the way for you and your spouse to go?

Here is the BASIC process on what happens when you get a Nevada joint petition for divorce in the state if Nevada:

1. Get the Joint Petition for Divorce Paperwork prepared. We can prepare it for you… call us at (702) 800-4632 or click here to find out how.
2. Both parties sign and notarize their portion of the Joint Petition paperwork.
3. If you live in Clark County (Las Vegas area) AND you and your spouse have minor children… take the COPE parenting class ($39.95/each person).
4. Get the Joint Petition filed at the courthouse. We can file the paperwork for you. In Las Vegas, the steps can be a bit tedious… because there’s different paperwork that needs to be filed at different times.
5. Filing fees at the courthouse range between $250 to $289…. depending on what Nevada county you reside in.
6. Within 1 to 3 weeks of the Joint Petition for Divorce being filed… the judge will typically sign the Decree of Divorce. Once it is filed by the court clerk… you and your spouse are officially divorced.

Now that process doesn’t seem to hard… does it? In 99% of the cases of joint petition for divorces… you don’t even need to appear before the judge!

If you are seeking to get a joint petition divorce in Nevada… but don’t want to go through all of the hassle of trying to figure out what forms to use… and what information to put where…

…contact Nevada Divorce Center… and we’ll be happy to assist you in getting your joint petition for divorce in Nevada professionally prepared… and filed for you.

Click here to start your joint petition for divorce… OR call us now at (702) 800-4632.

DISCLAIMER: We are not attorneys, cannot give out any legal advice and none of the information in this article should be deemed as such. If you need legal help, advice or assistance… please seek the help of a competent attorney at law in Nevada.

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