3 Tips to a Fast Divorce in Las Vegas

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Are you looking to get a fast divorce in Las Vegas?

It is a fact that in many divorce cases, from start to finish that take place in Las Vegas… can be done in as little as 3 to 4 weeks. That’s pretty fast compared to most states!

But the speed and the timing in which you get your fast divorce in Las Vegas

…can be heavily associated with you following these THREE (3) Las Vegas divorce tips:

1. You and Your Spouse Should Agree on Your Las Vegas Divorce

This type of divorce where you and your spouse both agree to get the divorce is commonly known as an “uncontested divorce”. This is because no one is contesting or fighting over anything.

Both parties have come to the mutual decision of how they will divide up their property, assets, debts.

If they have children, the spouses have already come to an agreement on what type of parenting plan they will have in raising their children after the Las Vegas divorce has been finalized.

In Las Vegas… an uncontested divorce is done through the use of a Joint Petition for Summary Proceeding Divorce. This means that both parties are signing the divorce papers.

The “summary proceeding” means that the parties are asking that the court grant the Las Vegas divorce without a hearing.

If you and your spouse can agree or compromise on any delicate situations that there may be… then you can practically almost always guarantee a fast Las Vegas divorce.

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2. You and Your Spouse Should Fill Out the Las Vegas divorce paperwork correctly.

If you’re looking to get your Las Vegas divorce done fast, efficiently and without any issue… then you MUST make sure you fill out and prepare the divorce paperwork correctly.

Even if both you and your spouse agree to everything on the divorce paperwork… if it’s not filled out correctly… then it can be kicked back out and the court will mail you back the unfinished divorce paperwork.

Although you can resubmit the paperwork back to the Clark County courthouse in Las Vegas… if you are seeking to get your divorce done as quickly and fast as possible, then you need to ensure that you get it done correctly the first time around.

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3. Get Your Spouse to Sign Your Las Vegas divorce paperwork ASAP!

In the many years that we have preparing divorces for our clients in not only Las Vegas… but across the country… we have seen far too many cases where a party gets us to prepare their paperwork so that they can file for a fast divorce.

But what happens every once in a blue moon is that the party who starts the divorce may delay or procrastinate getting their husband or their wife to sign the divorce papers.

Sometimes this delay may be a couple months. What we have seen is that in many cases, when the spouse was first contemplating getting a divorce… they talked it over with the other party… and both sides agreed that they will sign.

But what happens is the longer you wait to have your spouse sign the divorce paperwork… the more of a chance you’re giving them to “reconsider” or “change their mind” about signing the divorce papers.

And while you can still get a divorce without your spouse signing the Las Vegas divorce papers… it gets more expensive and adds more time to you getting your divorce.

So if you want a fast divorce in Las Vegas… make sure that even if you need to wait a little while before you file the divorce papers at court, that you get your spouse to sign the divorce papers immediately.

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