Divorce in Las Vegas

“6 Tips on How to File for Divorce in Las Vegas
Divorce in Las Vegas”

Divorce in Las Vegas

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In this quick article, we’re going to give you some MUST NEEDED tips that will help you you if you are seeking to get a divorce in Las Vegas

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[Divorce Tip #1] – Agree, Agree, Agree!

You can still generally get a divorce in Las Vegas, no matter what the circumstances… as long as you or your spouse have lived in Las Vegas for at least 6 weeks.

The legal grounds for divorce in Vegas are pretty easy to satisfy. The two most common reasons are either (1) Because you and your spouse are incompatible, which literally means that you and them just can’t get along… and (2) You and your spouse have been separated for at least one year.

Before we start in telling you HOW to get a divorce in Las Vegas… let it be known that your divorce will generally run a lot smoother and be a lot less expensive if both you and your spouse can agree to the divorce.

If you and your spouse can agree to the divorce in Las Vegas… then most people in your situation will typically do what is called a joint petition for summary decree of divorce. This divorce will generally allow you to get divorced in as little as 2 to 3 weeks in Las Vegas, after your divorce papers have been properly filed at the courthouse.

If your spouse refuses to agree to get divorced in Las Vegas… or if they’re missing… you can still get divorced… but the process becomes much more difficult and can become much more costly.

[Divorce Tip #2] – Get the Divorce Papers Prepared.

Before you can file your Las Vegas divorce… you must first get the proper paperwork prepared. If you have minor children who are residents of Las Vegas, then you and your spouse will also need to take COPE classes, which are a 3 1/2 hour parenting class, before the judge will sign off on your divorce.

You can find out more information on the parenting classes, by clicking here.

You will also need to get a friend, family, neighbor, co-worker or anybody else who is a Nevada resident who sees you at least 3 times a week… to sign an affidavit of resident witness… which basically states that they have seen you live in Nevada for at least 6 weeks.

When getting your Las Vegas divorce papers prepared, you can do it for free, by downloading the forms from the court website. Keep in mind, that the forms don’t fit every situation… and also keep in mind that you are fully responsible for knowing how to prepare the forms properly… so it’s not kicked out of court. 

You can get the divorce papers for free from the courthouse website by clicking here. Fill out the proper divorce forms, get them signed and notarized. (NOTE: There is a $289 court filing fee that needs to be paid when you file)

Another option is to have the divorce paralegals at Nevada Divorce Center prepare your Las Vegas divorce for you. As on June 15, 2013, they they can prepare your divorce forms for $199 (joint petition, both you & your spouse agree to sign)… and they will prepare it properly so that it will pass the court standards. You will need to pay the court filing fee.

For a little more, Nevada Divorce Center can also do a full service divorce in Las Vegas for you… where they prepare your divorce papers… pay your $289 court filing fee for you… and handle all the courthouse work… so you don’t even need to step foot in court!

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[Divorce Tip #3] – File Your Las Vegas Divorce.

Once you have all of the proper Las Vegas divorce paperwork prepared and signed/notarized by yourself, spouse (if they’re willing to sign) and your resident witness… and you have taken the COPE classes (if you have minor children)… then CONGRATS, you are ready to file your divorce.

In Las Vegas, the divorce courthouse is called the Family Courts & Services Center… and is located at 601 N. Pecos, Las Vegas, NV 89155… which is located in East Las Vegas by Bonanza & Pecos.

You may go there anytime Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8:30am to 3:45pm… on non-holiday days.

The good thing about the family courthouse, is that you don’t need to park at a parking meter… as you would at many courthouses or areas downtown.

When you go to the divorce courthouse… be prepared to go through the metal detector at the guard station. Before you enter, you must remove your shoes, all items from your pockets, jackets and any metal devices on your person… and run it through the metal detector.

Also, liquids such as bottled water are not allowed through the guard station. Pretty much the same procedure you go through before boarding an airplane… is the same procedure you go through when going to the courthouse.

Once you leave the guard station… you will cross the outdoor atrium and enter into the courthouse that is directly straight ahead.

Once in the court, walk all the way to end of the building on the left-hand side and there will be a desk with a court clerk handing out numbers.

Inform the court clerk that you need to file your divorce. They will typically want to check your Las Vegas divorce paperwork to make sure that you have everything properly signed/notarized… and that you have all of the required documents.

Make sure you have ALL of your divorce paperwork neatly prepared and ALL of the documents with you when you go in. Most of the court clerks are very nice and friendly at the Las Vegas courthouse… but you don’t want to catch one on one of their bad days! 😉

Once they have okay’ed your paperwork… they will assign you a number (just like you get when you go to the DMV’s office to renew your car license).

You’ll sit in the lobby for typically 15 minutes to 60 minutes… and once your number is called, you’ll go to the window. Once there, you’ll pay your $289 filing fee and they will file your divorce for you. Depending on who you see, they may e-file it for you or you may have to get another ticket to e-file the paperwork.

When you go to the courthouse, plan on being there for at least 3 hours, to keep yourself safe.

(NOTE: If you do a full service Las Vegas divorce through Nevada Divorce Center, you don’t need to deal with the long lines of people, the stress of going to the courthouse and any confusion on how to properly file your divorce. Call 702-800-4632 or click here for more details on a full service divorce)

[Divorce Tip #4] – Take the Divorce Papers to the Judge to Get them Signed.

Once all of your Las Vegas divorce paperwork has been properly filed with the court clerk and e-filed, you are now ready to take the copies to the 3rd floor of the courthouse, to file them in the judge’s box.

If you are doing a joint petition for divorce… you will need to take the following with you to place in the judge’s box:

  1. 3 copies of the Decree of Divorce PLUS the original copy of the Decree of Divorce.
  2. 1 copy of the Joint Petition for Summary Decree of Divorce.
  3. 1 copy of the Affidavit of Resident Witness.
  4. 1 copy of the COPE classes (if you have kids).
  5. 1 copy of the UCCJEA agreement (if you have kids).
  6. 1 copy of each parent’s COPE classes (if you have kids).
  7. 1 copy of the Child Welfare document (if you have kids).
  8. 1 pre-stamped manilla envelope, that is addressed to your address.

Attach all of those divorce documents to each other with a binder clip and place it in the proper judge’s mailbox.

[Divorce Tip #5] – Wait.

It typically takes about 2 to 3 weeks for the judge to sign your Decree of Divorce. You can check to see what the progress on your case is online by clicking here. If your case is still OPEN, then that means the judge hasn’t signed your decree yet.

If the case is CLOSED, and you see “Decree of Divorce” on your record with a date, that means that the judge has signed your decree and you are officially divorced.

Within a few days of the judge signing the decree, you should recieve it by mail.

[Divorce Tip #6] – Give Your Spouse a Copy of the Signed Decree.

Well actually, you don’t give your spouse a copy of the signed decree… you have to have a 3rd party mail them the copy of the signed decree. That 3rd party will then sign a Certificate of Mailing stating that they mailed your spouse a copy of the Decree of Divorce (which you’ll need to file at the courthouse)


And that’s it! Hope you enjoyed this article. If you are needing to get a divorce in Las Vegas, and don’t want to have the hassle of doing it all yourself… then give the friendly paralegal team at Nevada Divorce Center a call today at 702-800-4632 to see how you can get your divorce started!

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