5 Tips to a Cheap Las Vegas Divorce

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If you’re on this page right now reading these words and this divorce article… then you are in the same boat as practically thousands of Las Vegas residents each year.

We will give you the FIVE Tips for You to Get a Cheap Las Vegas Divorce in a second here… but it is vitally important that before you take this HUGE step in ending your marriage…

…that you first have thought it through and all the ramifications.

A Las Vegas divorce is final… and it can have many lasting emotional and financial setbacks and drawbacks for not just you and your spouse… but also your children if you have any.

Now if you feel like you have exhausted all of the options that are available to you for saving your marriage… and you live in Southern Nevada and are looking for some quick tips on getting a fast AND cheap divorce in Las Vegas… here they are below:

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The 5 Tips to a Cheap Las Vegas Divorce

1. Only Use a Divorce Lawyer When Needed
We are a Las Vegas, NV divorce paperwork company ran by paralegals. And while it makes total sense for us to sell you SOLELY on the idea of using our company to prepare your cheap Las Vegas divorce paperwork for you… we realize that every situation is different.

It would be VERY wise for you to use a Nevada divorce lawyer if your case, assets, property, debts and/or the situation surrounding your marriage is complicated or if you feel like your spouse will retain a Las Vegas divorce lawyer… and fight out your case in court.

At the end of the day… getting a Las Vegas divorce lawyer can cost you several thousands of dollars (it’s not cheap)… but in a complicated situation, there’s not much that you can do?

However… if your divorce is simple… you and your spouse agree to property, debts and how you will raise your minor children betwen the two of you… then using a paralegal company such as NEVADA DIVORCE CENTER… to prepare your divorce paper for as cheaply as $199… is a good way for you to save money

2. Pay for Your Cheap Las Vegas Divorce Paperwork Now, Pay the Filing Fees Later

We have VERY affordable prices for our divorce paperwork that we prepare for our customers… and charge only $199 (We prepare your paperwork and you file it yourself) OR $799 (Full service divorce- we prepare, file your paperwork for you, and pay your $289 court filing fees for you. Payment plans available to everybody)… to prepare cheap Las Vegas divorce paperwork for our customers. (Ask us about our payment plans!)

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Now in most counties located in Nevada… the filing fees for you to file a cheap divorce range from the $200-$290 range. Clark County (Las Vegas) filing fees are currently $289.

Since the total cost you will be paying is likely to hover in the $450 to $800 range… many people in Las Vegas can’t afford to pay for all these fees upfront… especially if they are on a strict budget.

What we tell most Las Vegas people who can’t afford the total divorce preparation and court filing fees is to split up the costs. This is another way for you to get a cheap divorce in Las Vegas.

For example — pay the $199 down to us to prepare your divorce at a cheap price and quickly with your paycheck from one period…

…and then wait until your next paycheck to pay the rest of the fees.

This way — you’ll be spreading out the costs and save money.


3. Agree with Your Spouse to Get a Cheap Las Vegas Divorce
We charge a very cheap price to prepare affordable divorces for people in Las Vegas. But at the end of the day… if you and your spouse can agree on the major points concerning your divorce… we can prepare your divorce for as cheaply as $199.

If both you and your spouse will agree on the divorce and will agree to sign the Las Vegas divorce paperwork that we will prepare for you… it will be an uncontested divorce… and we prepare those for cheaply.

But if you and your spouse are in disagreement… or if you can’t find your spouse to have them sign your Las Vegas divorce paperwork… then we charge more to prepare your paperwork… because extra steps are needed to fully prepare your divorce.

That is yet another way for you to get a cheap Las Vegas divorce — simply agree with your spouse and get them to sign those darn papers!

If you need to get a cheap divorce within the Las Vegas area… make sure you contact us today at (702) 800-4632 to discuss some of the options which are available to you.

NEED A CHEAP LAS VEGAS DIVORCE? Call Us NOW at (702) 800-4632 or click here to start online.

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