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NEVADA DIVORCE CENTER is a legal document preparation service that allows you to get your divorce and family law documents filed for an affordable price. Below are the bios of our employees and contractors:

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1. Vanessa Cabrera, President and Owner
2. Arturo “Tido” Elvins, Office Manager




Vanessa Cabrera is the President & a owner/partner in Nevada Divorce Center. Vanessa runs the day to day operations of Nevada Divorce Center. Vanessa was born and raised in Las Cruces, NM and is the youngest of five children.

Her move to Las Vegas, has marked many changes in her life; both personally and professionally.

At the start of her education, Vanessa had been “in and out” of college, like so many young people, and she was not mentally prepared to take on college courses.

As time passed, however, Vanessa realized that she wanted to finish college for her own personal satisfaction.

Vanessa had always been told that, “You need your education” and “…that paper is something that no one can EVER take from you!”.

In 2002, Vanessa made the crucial decision to enroll into the University of Phoenix to study business.

In 2006, she graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and Business Administration.

At that point, Vanessa had no clue as to what she wanted to do with her life, or how she was going to use her degree.

She just knew that she had that degree and that she had accomplished something that many did not believe that she would be able to do.

After receiving her undergraduate degree, Vanessa realized that she had cultivated a passion that she really enjoyed.

She was then was talked into trying out for Law School by friends and family. Vanessa proceeded to take the LSAT and successfully passed!

After completing one year of education at Concord School of Law online, Vanessa was unable to complete the program due to the high tuition fees.

A few years later, however, Vanessa enrolled in her Master’s of Law Degree Program through Kaplan University.

In 2012, Vanessa proudly graduated with her Master’s Degree in Law, and currently holds honors with Alpha Beta Kappa Honor Society.

Between earning her Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree, Vanessa prepared her first divorce (which happened to be her own) and since that time, successfully completed and prepared many divorces for her friends and family in different states.

Vanessa also has experience working and preparing small claims documents, immigration documents and has even filed bad check claims with the District Attorney’s office for clients.

At NevadaDivorceCenter.com, LLC, Vanessa has found an avenue in which she can pursue her passion and prepare legal documents for clients in Las Vegas, all across Nevada and throughout the United States that need her help.

In her free time, Vanessa loves to spend time with her family and loves to travel.

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Arturo “Tido” Elvins. Information coming soon….

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